Book Project 2015 with Anne Schipplick

Buch »Good Work«

Ein Leitfaden für junge Freelance Designer mit einem Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit, im persönlichen Alltag und Berufsleben. Handgebunden, mit Glossar und Index. Cover Risografie-Druck.


A guideline for young Freelance Designers with a focus on sustainability, in both personal and professional life.

Designers own an important role in the 21st century: they are communicators, able to efficiently explain and visualize political, economical or social contexts. They can empower people through information, can suggest a more planet-friendly life style – and make this life style desirable.

With glossary and index. Hardcover, risography print.

Role: Designer, Editor
Client: Stephan Bohle, HTW Berlin
Views: 5150